Let them eat pasta!

A while back, when I did the Whole 30, I found a little invention I was convinced I just had to have.  I added it to to my Christmas wish list and then, promptly, forgot about it.

Cue Christmas morning and viola! My mother in law had come through once again.

What is this invention - this little piece of kitchen glory? Well, let. me. tell. you. I give you...the spiralizer! (here!) Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive and, more importantly, makes spaghetti out of zucchini!

This is feeling like a commercial for something on the home shopping network, but I don't care. As someone who is fairly health conscious and Italian, an invention that makes pasta out of greenery is key. I was skeptical it wouldn't be as easy as it looks, but I was so wrong. This little widget works just like a pencil sharpener. In no less than a minute my zucchini was sliced into pasta like strands, easily fried up in a little olive oil and herbs. A touch of pasta sauce and parmesan and I was in heaven, it's even better while watching the Winter Olympics.

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Becky said...

stop it right now. I NEED ONE.