A while ago we were invited to a friend's wedding in Finland. We knew both the bride and the groom from living here in Israel, in fact they met on this camping trip! Anyways, when we got the invitation to their wedding it was pretty much a no-brainer - we were going. Not only were we honored to have been invited, but when else would we have such a good reason to visit Finland? Never, that's when. Kurt and I really want to try to travel while we live on this side of the Atlantic, so this was the perfect catalyst (fingers crossed for Paris!)

Our flight took us from Tel Aviv to Istanbul to Helsinki, then we had to hop a a train stop, for a 4 hour ride north. All in all, it was about a day's worth of travel. Cars, planes, buses and trains!

When we arrived the boys got right to business celebrating at our friend's bachelor party...this means they did an icy polar plunge! With about 3 hours of sleep (probably why they were so easily coaxed) and a hot meal in them, before we'd even put our bags away they were in the icy lake...after using a chainsaw to break through 13 inches of ice!

We loved visiting Finland. It was beautiful, quiet and a welcome break from the hustle and noise of Jerusalem's city center. We even welcomed the cold!

More pics soon to are a few from the first day of travel. L'hitraot chaverim!

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Life with Kaishon said...

YIKES! I am shivering just imagining getting into icy cold water. What a fabulous adventure though. I love it! : )

I will cross my fingers that you get to go to Paris right along with you! Good luck!