the newest addition to our family!

Right after Christmas Kurt was faced with a big decision - how do I spend my birthday & Christmas money? He'd been saving up his agarot (the Israeli penny, so to speak) for a while and since we pretty much never buy anything - the excitement was epic, even for me.

A few google searches and a short drive later we found ourselves at Pedalim, a legit bike store in Talpiot. Not only were we able to speak English, but they had 3 bikes in Kurt's size....3!

Now we have a new addition to the family and Kurt is happily spending his Shabbat rest biking around Jerusalem and anywhere else he can go. Never underestimate the power of a set of wheels in a foreign country :)


Viivi Nuoraho said...

Wait... Did you guys adopt Jonathan? I knew it!!

*then reads the article and realises you meant the bike...*

Maggy said...

bahaha! He is pretty much family, it's true.