DIY Coasters

I don't think I'm stating anything too remarkable by saying that the whole "diy" (do it yourself) movement has really taken off. Thanks to HGTV and Pinterest alone, homes are museums of refurbished, hand painted and repurposed goods. Buttons, chevron patterns, wooden pallets, mason jars (oh all the mason jars!) and chalkboard paint - what is a home without them?! Store bought?! Pfft. We've evolved! Why spend money when I can spend countless hours of my time?!

I hope you understand that I say this completely tongue in cheek.

Anyways, thanks to living in Israel, the "diy" concept has hit us as well, though on more of a literal level. If you want something done, do it yourself.

Sometimes I have a hard time finding exactly what I'm looking for and I'm not typically willing to settle if I have a picture in my mind. Particularly when it comes to home items. Last month I was looking for coasters. Nothing too exotic, just a small something to sit under my glass. Or so I thought.

After trolling through numerous stores for this simple item, I realized that I had precisely two options to choose from. One was a set of twelve that had various scenes of Israel from circa 1980. The other option was essentially the hand painted version of the first. I was tempted to throw myself a pity party in honor of TJMaxx (a store I never fully appreciated when it was just down the road.) Instead, I decided to go with option three: do it myself.

After finding some wooden coasters at a craft store and paints at the local dollar store, here is what ensued...(Although I have to admit that I was directly inspired by the artwork from Rifle Paper...goodness their paper goods are just lovely, so I used their coasters as inspiration) I was pleased with the results and fully enjoyed getting back into painting.  A thin layer of modge podge on top and voila! - Ready to coast.

In the process, I also discovered that I am more likely to USE a coaster, if I think it's adorable. 
Perhaps I should paint our floor mop and see what happens.


Emily said...

ok these are GORGEOUS! you are so talented! What a fun idea

Mandi Warren said...
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Mandi Warren said...

Are you kidding me? Where have you been hiding all that talent!? Love!!!

Kari said...

You painted these?! They are absolutely beautiful! I’m obsessed with Rifle Paper right now, and you did such a phenomenal job! I wish I could paint half as well as you:)